Thyme, Upright

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Thymus vulgare. Perennial. 18'.

Attracts Pollinators

Thyme has small round, dark green leaves' Leaves are used in vinegar, for meat and fish, pork, veal, in soups, chowders, scalloped onions. Tea can be made for the leaves. Thyme is easy to grow, prune back hard every fall (spring in extreme climates) to maintain a compact growth habit.

Planting Directions: Sow seed indoors 12 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Since the seed is so fine, just  barely cover with seed starting mix or better yet, just press into the mix. Soil temperature 65°-70°.  Plant outdoors when plants are 4 to 6 inches tall, spacing plants 12” apart. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Water moderate the first season and reduce water once the plants are well established. In the coldest climates the plants should be covered with a mulch of leaves or litter to prevent thawing and freezing.