Tagetes lucida or Mexican Marigold

Tagetes Lucida

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Annual 18"-30" Tagetes lucida or Mexican Tarragon. Produces shiny green linear leaves and small golden yellow flower heads on the ends of the stems in late summer. Fresh or dried leaves can be used as a tarragon substitute or tea. Does well in hot climates.

Planting DirectionsSow indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost or direct sow 2 weeks after the last frost. Plant seed in sterile seed starting mix or vermiculite and  just barely cover the seed with fine starting medium. Maintain 70° to 75° in the starting medium. Allow up to 20 days for seeds to sprout.

As with marigolds, Tagetes lucida is somewhat susceptible to damping-off: sow in vermiculite and water only from below and provide ventilation as a precaution.  Transplant when soil is consistently warm spacing plants 12-18" apart. Pinch the growing tips to encourage branching. Edible flowers are borne in abundance once the summer heats up. This fast growing herb requires little care, but does appreciate good drainage.