Sweet Marjoram

Marjoram, Sweet

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Origanum majorana. Perennial. 2'.

Leaves used in vinegars, soups, salads, dressings, roast lamb and tomatoes. Versatile. Tender perennial.  Bee Plant.  A versatile culinary herb for soups, salads and meats. Oval 1"  leaves are grey-green, slightly hairy. Multi branched stems grow up to 2' . Hardy to zone 9. 


Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors 4 weeks before transplanting in sterile seed starting mix. Maintain soil temperature of 60° to 75°, plant seed 1/8” deep or just barely cover. Direct sow in the garden in spring when soil temperatures are at least 60°. Plant in well prepared soil that has been amended with rich compost or good garden fertilizer in full sun in well drained soil. Thin or transplant to 6” apart and water moderate as plants establish.


Harvest:   Begin as soon as leaves are big enough to use. You can also pick the entire stem. Harvest sprigs as needed or dry them and store in air tight container away from light to use later.