Summer Greens Mix

Summer Greens Mesclun Mix

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  • We all look forward to favorite summer veggies and fruits. However, for a steady supply of fresh salads, smoothies and stir-frys you can’t do better than fresh from the garden produce.
  • We are introducing a Summer Greens Mesclun Mix, a new  blend of greens for multiple cuttings. For a continuous supply resow every 40 to 60 days. 
  • This blend of warm weather greens includes greens that are proven to be heat tolerant.  You will enjoy the crunch and tangy flavor of this blend.

Directions:  Sow seeds in well-prepared seed bed in a sunny location (tolerates semi-shade.)  Sow seeds lightly about 1/2” or so apart. Sprinkle seeds on soil and then smooth seeds into place.  Sprinkle with water until evenly moist. Keep seedbed lightly moist throughout the growing period.  Seed will sprout in 7-10 days. Sow every 40 to 60 days for a continuous supply throughout summer and into winter.  Harvesting: Can begin harvesting in 30 days.  Use scissors to cut a few leaves from each plant or thin crowded plants by pulling.  Harvest will extend over several weeks.  Keep soil moist and lightly fertilized for best quality.