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Strawflower, Helichrysum 'Monstrosum'

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Helichrysum Bracteatum cv. Monstrosum. Annual. 30".

Large double daisy-like flowers. Monstrosum Strawflower blooms July and August. Vivid colors. Easy to grow. Mixture of reds, yellows, white and pink. This is one of the most common dried flowers. Pick several while in bud; the flowers open up as they dry.

Planting Directions:   Sow seed indoors in a sterile seed starting medium 6 to 8 weeks before planting into the garden. Maintain soil temperatures of 65° to 75°. Plant seeds on the surface of the seed starting mix and press down lightly, seed needs light to germinate. Transplant into garden in well prepared soil that is amended with rich compost or a good garden fertilizer, space plants 8 to 10” apart. Plant in full sun and water moderately until established and then water sparingly. To preserve as dried flowers, cut before the flowers are fully open as they continue  to open during the drying process. Cut long stems, remove leaves and hang upside in a warm, well vented area away from direct light.