Space Spinach

Space Spinach F1

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  • Hybrid 40 days
  • Smooth, slightly savoyed leaves growing in an upright habit makes for easy harvest and cleaning.
  • Vigorous, quickly produces an abundance of medium green, tasty leaves for home or market.
  • Slow bolting allows more plantings into late spring. Resistant to downy mildew.

Planting Directions Sow seed outdoors in early spring when soil temperatures have reached 45° to 75 °. Plant seed ½” deep thinning plants 4-6” apart. When preparing the soil add  a general purpose fertilizer or compost .Spinach grows best when soil temperature reaches about  60°. Plant again in fall 60-70 days before first frost. Water light but regularly. Spinach bolts during hot weather or when there is more than 14 hours of light.