Southland Ecology Lawn Mix

Ecology Lawn Mix, Southland

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    SOUTHLAND ECOLOGY LAWN MIX: Suited for Regions 4 (North Texas through the Upland South to Virginia and Maryland) and 6 (California from the Bay Area south and then east to New Mexico and areas of southwest Texas); Improved Turf Type Tall Fescue, Strawberry and Dutch White Clovers, Yarrow, California Poppy, Pimpernel, Baby Blue Eyes, Creeping Thymes.----Region 4 — Transitional Mixture of temperate/semitropical - mild to cold winters, hot humid summers.----Region 6 — Warm arid/semi arid - mild winter, hot dry summers: Southland Ecology Lawn Mix. The 5 lb size plants 1000 sg. feet.
    • We love soft green patches for children and adults to sit and play upon, but are reluctant to get involved with intensive mowing, spraying, fertilizing and irrigating schedules. We believe our Ecology Lawn Mixes are the answers to this continuing dilemma. 
    • These are carefully blended mistures of Improved Tall Fescue, Strawberry and Dutch White Clover, White Yarrow, Dwarf California Poppy, Pimpernel, Baby Blue Eyes and Creeping Thymes.
    • The Southland Ecology Lawn Mix is designed to retain that quality with varieties suited for drier climates. 
    • The advantages of these lawns over a conventional grass lawn are many. They present an attractive appearance between mowings, the quality of the turf is such that it will not be subject to thatch buildup, and it is both drought and shade tolerant. Suitable for either spring or fall planting in most areas.