Large Soil Buster Radish filling a wooden cart

Soil Buster Radish

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  • Cover Crops represent both traditional stewardship of our soils and cutting edge gardening. Nichols Garden Nursery is happy to provide Soil Buster Daikon Radish which is noted for busting through heavy compacted soil.
  • Sow August until mid-September, six or more weeks before frost.
  • This radish typically grows 14 inches long, feeder roots deeper, deep enough to scavenge and store nitrogen and other nutrients.
  • In climates that regularly hit 20 degrees the roots will winterkill and decompose enriching the soil. Warmer areas till in or mow closely so the roots will break down and you will have fertile open soil for your next planting. For additional nitrogen plant 50% Soil Buster and 50% Austrian Field peas.
  • Sow Soil Buster at a rate of two to four pounds per acre. Home gardeners should 1/4 lb per 1,000 to 2,000 square feet.
  • This spicy radish can be used for food purposes.   
  • Never allow to set seed and become a weed.