Salmon Baby Nasturtium

Nasturtium, Salmon Baby

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Tropaeolum minus. Annual. 9"

Salmon Baby Nasturtium  is truly unique.  Frilly blossoms of salmon pink color  contrast against the deep green foliage. Compact plants.  Ideal for borders, containers or mixed in the garden. Edible flowers. All parts of nasturtiums are edible but the flowers have the best flavor;  a peppery taste that combines well with other greens in a salad as well as  providing a color accent. 

Planting DirectionsSow seeds 1/2” deep in fine soil after danger from frost has past. Germination takes 7-12 days. Thin plants to 8” apart when plants are 3” tall. Nasturtiums prefer light full sun, with afternoon shade where summers are hot.

Provide a trellis or other support for climbing species. Nasturtiums will flower best in ordinary rather than rich soil.  Nasturtiums do not transplant easily.