Roman Chamomile

Chamomile, Roman

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Anthemis nobilis. Perennial. 6".

Roman Chamomile is strongly scented; makes a good low growing ground cover. Plants grow more dense and compact if trimmed at least once during the season. Makes an attractive feathery green carpet with small yellow, daisy-like flowers.  Used to make Chamomile benches especially in English gardens.  Chamomile was used for its bitter taste in beer during the Middle ages, later replaced by hops. 


Planting Directions:  Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has past. Sow seed ½” deep and 6” apart in rows, or it may be broadcast.  Germination takes 5-21 days with light and temperatures 65°-75°  Chamomile prefers sandy soil and full sun but will tolerate light shade and ordinary or poor but well drained soil.  Fertilize with all purpose fertilizer in spring and pinch back young plants to encourage bushiness.

Remarks:  Harvest flowers on a sunny day when blooms are fully open, dry in the sun, remove stems and leaves, and store in an airtight container.