Pacific Northwest Wildflowers

Wildflowers Mix, Pacific Northwest

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Pacific Northwest Wildflowers grow best when winters are wet and moderate and summers are long and dry. Contains approximately 20 varieties. Good color assortment. Annuals and some perennials.This mix contains the following: Baby Blue Eyes Baby's Breath Bachelor Button Black Eyed Susan Blanket Flower Blue Flax California Poppy Candytuft Catchfly Chinese Houses Clarkia Columbine Dame's Rocket Farewell to Spring Lance Leaf Coreopsis Plains Coreopsis Rocket Larkspur Scarlet Flax Shasta Daisy Shirley Poppy Siberian Wallflower Sickel Keeled Lupine Spurred Snapdragon Sweet Alyssum Sweet William Tall Evening Primrose.

Planting Directions:   Plant seed directly in the open where plants are to remain in well prepared soil after all danger of frost is past.  In frost free areas, seed may be planted in the Fall.  Mix seed with several times its bulk in fine soil and sow broadcast, preferably in an open, shady location.  Cover 1/8” and press soil down firmly.  When plants are well established, thin out to stand 6” apart as crowding produces inferior plants.  Keep ground moist with fine spray until plants are well up.  If allowed to remain, the plants will reseed.