Carol Deppe with her Homestead Sweetmeat Squash

Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat

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    Cucurbita maxima. Open pollinated

    • 100 days.
    • The Oregon Homestead line of Sweet Meat squash is one to grow for a serious home food supply.
    • Unsurpassed flavor, thick, very dry flesh and huge delicious seeds. Fruits weigh 12 to 24 pounds and store 6 months or more. 
    • Large vines set 3-4 fruits per plant.
    • This Oregon original germinates in cold mud and grows in cool weather.
    • Cooked flesh freezes well. This seed was personally grown by Carol Deppe who has selected for traits described in the earliest seed catalogs.

    Planting DirectionsPlant in spring when soil is between 70° to 95°. Plant in soil that has been amended with rich compost or general garden fertilizer. Plant 6-8 seeds ½ - 1” deep in hills spaced 3’ to 6’ apart. Thin seedlings to 3 per hill. Seeds may also be started indoors 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Transplant to hills after all danger of frost has past and soil has warmed and remains 65°-75°. Squash need heavy watering on a regular schedule. Fruits are ready when the rind is hard to the fingernail and the stems begin to dry.