Old Spice Sweet Pea Mix

Sweet Pea Old Spice

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Lathyrus odoratus  Annual. 6-8'

Old Spice Sweet Pea Mix is a  delightful mixture of old time varieties, some hundreds of years old, with smaller flowers than modern varieties. Excellent color range and superb fragrance. Colors include white,pink, maroon, blue, and  purple. Old fashioned variety with some heat resistance. Grows well in hotter climates.


Planting DirectionsWhere climate will permit, sow seed from late Summer to early Winter for Spring flowering. Plant in spring as weather and soil conditions permit. Plant seed in a trench 6” deep, about 1” apart.  Cover with 1” of soil. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. When plants are well established, fill up the trench gradually until ground surface is level. Thin climbing varieties to 6” apart.  Bush varieties to 3” apart. Begin training the vining varieties on strings when 6-8” tall. Bush varieties need no staking or support.