Oca tubers

Oca Tubers

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Oxalis tuberosa.

Shipping begins in late winter depending on weather.

Oca is considered one of the lost crops of the Incas, is a small starchy tuber from the Andean highlands. Thin skinned, delicately flavored with a texture similar to a baby potato, these appeal to all who enjoy growing and sampling the world’s edible delights. Yields average 1 to 3 pounds per plant. Tubers gain size in late fall so Oca is most suitable in areas free of an early killing frost. Neat bushy plants have attractive clover-like foliage. Leaves have a tangy sour taste and are a good addition to mixed green salads.Mixed varieties, sizes and colors. Unable to ship outside the continental United States

If ordered in summer or fall will be backordered until availability after first of next year.