Nickel Filet Bush Bean

Nickel Filet Bean

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56 days Height 22-26"   Stringless, high quality, tender French filet is slow to develop small white seeds. Harvest these delicious high quality beans when 4"-5" and 1/4" in diameter; pick every 2-3 days. Concentrated set. Tolerant of temperature swings from cool to hot. High disease resistance to anthrax and bean mosaic virus.

Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring after frost danger has passed and soil temperature is a minimum of 60°, 70° is optimum. Plant 1”to 2” deep, 4-6” apart.  Plant in full sun. Plant in moderately fertile soil.  Keep soil moist until seed germinates, after that water moderately and regularly until harvest. Germination usually takes 7 to 14 days when properly tended.  After each picking water deep to prolong production. Plant several plantings in 3 week intervals to prolong the harvest period.

More Info:  All  beans, Phaseolus vulgaris, are native to the new world and easy to grow. These include garden beans, kidney beans and runner beans.