Morris Heading Collard Greens

Morris Heading Collards

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    • 80 days.  18"-24" tall.
    • Old time Southern favorite. Slow to bolt.
    • Tight leaves wrap the center forming a tender semi blanched heart.
    • Morris Heading Collards' dark green leaves with lighter veins are tender and delicious.
    • Cook fresh picked leaves, discarding  the central stem.

    Planting Directions:  For use through the early Summer months, plant seed during the early months of the year in hotbeds.  Cover seed with 1/4” of fine soil, well pressed down.  When plants are about 5” high and danger of frost is past, transplant to about 2’ apart each way.  A deep rich loamy soil well prepared is most suitable.  For Fall and Winter use, plant seed from late spring until early summer in the open ground.