Midori Soybean

Midori Green Soybean

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      Open Pollinated 
        • 70 days Height. 24” .
        •  Large, buttery seeds are 2-3 per pod high yields. Outstanding for home and   market gardeners.
        • Vigorous, highly productive plants are widely adapted to U.S. & Canada. 
        • Enjoy the sweet flavor of this large seeded edamame when freshly picked and boiled for 3-5 minutes.

        Planting Directions: Plant when danger of frost is past and soil is warm.  (Mid-June in northern states). Sow seed 1” deep in loose, moderately fertile soil in a sunny location.  Sow seeds 3” apart.  Thin plants so they stand 5” apart in rows 12-24” apart.

        Remarks:  To harvest at green shell “edamame stage”, when pods are plump but still green, pull up entire plant.  Remove pods and boil or steam whole pods for 10 minutes. Cooked pods easily split open and beans are eaten directly from the pod