Low Growing Wildflowers

Wildflower Mix, Low Growing

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A color mixture that contains a good blend of perennials and annuals all growing 16 or less. This blends contains the following: African Daisy, Annual Candytuft, Baby's Breath, California Bluebell, California Poppy, Coreopsis, Dwarf Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Dwarf Plains Cornflower, Dwarf Dward Catchfly, Forget Me Not, Godetia Dwarf, Iceland Poppy, Johnny Jump Up, Maiden Pinks, Siberian Wallflower, Snow in Summer, Spurred Snapdragon, Sweet Alyssum, Tussock Bellflower, Wild Thyme.

Planting Rate/acre**  5-10 lbs.   Planting Rate for 1/2 acre or less 4 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Planting Directions:   Plant seed directly in the open where plants are to remain in well prepared soil after all danger of frost is past.  In frost free areas, seed may be planted in the Fall.  Mix seed with several times its bulk in fine soil and sow broadcast, preferably in an open, shady location.  Cover 1/8” and press soil down firmly.  When plants are well established, thin out to stand 6” apart as crowding produces inferior plants.  Keep ground moist with fine spray until plants are well up.  If allowed to remain, the plants will reseed.