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Hyssopus officinalis. Perennial. 2'.

Attracts Pollinators

Hyssop branches at the base, bright green leaves form dense foliage. Blue flowers appear in spring into summer. Young leaves chopped fine for salad dressings. Tea from leaves. Easily propagated as an ornamental or sweet herb. Native to southern Europe Hyssop was brought to America by the colonists and has since naturalized. Attracts bees. 

Planting Directions:  Sow seeds indoors in sterile seed starting mix 8-10 weeks before planting out. Maintain soil temperature between  70° to 80° .Or plant outdoors in early Spring, when soil is cool and a light frost is still possible.  Just barely cover the seeds with fine soil and press down.  Germination takes 14-42 days at 70° to 80°.  Thin or transplant seedlings 15 to 24” apart. Plant in full sun to part shade.  Water plants regularly until well established. Soil should be light, well drained and somewhat dry. Prune plants after blooming or in early fall to maintain compact, uniform shape