Green Globe Artichoke

Green Globe Improved Artichoke

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    Cynara scolyus  Open pollinated.
    • 120 days.
    • Refined with fewer spines, larger heads, succulent tender flower buds.
    • Spring plantings of Green Globe Improved Artichoke  produce a crop in late summer and fall.
    • Consistent, abundant harvests.
    • Protect from frost for two crops the following year. 
    • This 2' to 4' plant provides a decorative accent to any garden. 
    Planting Directions:   Sow seed in spring after all danger of frost has past. Seeds may also be started indoors or in cold frames. Soil temperature for germination should be 70° minimum with 80° optimum.  Transplant after all danger of frost is past. Set plants 3’ apart in rich deeply dug soil. Gather buds before they bloom. Cut back stalks after picking to encourage sucker production. Ground should be kept moist during growing season preferably with a mulch as excessive watering encourages fungus diseases. Plants should be renewed every 5 years.