Chamomile, German

Chamomile, German

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Matricaria recutita. Annual. 18".

Daisy-like flower heads of German Chamomile are dried and used for teas, in hair rinses. Tends to reseed. Creates an annual  low growing ground with white daisy like flowers. One of the most popular herbs of the Western world.  German Chamomile has been used to help calm nerves, soothe stomach problems and  treat mild infections. 


Planting Directions:  Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has past. Firmly press seed into well prepared soil. Thin to 6” apart in rows.  Seed may be broadcast over planting area and then raked  or sow  ½” deep and 6” apart in rows. Germination takes 5-21 days with light and soil temperatures between 65°-75°F. Chamomile prefers sandy soil and full snn.  Fertilize with all purpose fertilizer in spring and pinch back young plants to encourage growth.

Remarks:  Harvest flowers on a sunny day when blooms are fully open, dry in the sun, remove stems and leaves, and store in an airtight container.