Fortex Bean

Fortex Pole Bean

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    Open Pollinated.
    • 60 Days. 
    • One of the great pole beans, slightly sweet, delicious picked at any size. Begin harvesting when beans reach 7” for haricot verts.
    • Most commonly picked when 10”-11”. Vigorous productive vines. 
    • Brown seeded which is associated with richer flavor. 
    • Good fresh or frozen, stringless.

    Planting Directions:  Direct sow in spring after frost danger has passed and soil temperature is a minimum of 60°, 70° is optimum. Plant 1”to 2” deep, 4-6” apart.  Cultivate soil incorporating compost or a low nitrogen general purpose fertilizer.  Keep soil moist until seed germinates, after that water moderately and regularly until harvest.  Provide trellis for pole beans; bush beans do not need a trellis. After each picking water deep to prolong production.