Large mixed color blooms of Early Mammoth Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, Early Mammoth Mix

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Annual. Vines are 5’-6’ tall.

Blossoms of Early Mammoth Sweet Pea Mix are outstanding, large, ruffled, and sweetly fragrant. Five to six blooms are borne on long stems for easy cutting. Wide color range includes shades of salmon, pink, rose, blue, lilac and white. Provide vines a trellis, tuteur or other support. A longtimefavorite of commercial growers because they easily form shapely bouquets. Blooms begin early and will into summer with regular cutting.

Planting Directions: Where climate will permit, sow seed from late Summer to early Winter for Spring flowering. Plant in spring as weather and soil conditions permit. Plant seed in a trench 6” deep, about 1” apart.  Cover with 1” of soil. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. When plants are well established, fill up the trench gradually until ground surface is level. Thin climbing varieties to 6” apart.  Bush varieties to 3” apart. Begin training the vining varieties on strings when 6-8” tall. Bush varieties need no staking or support.