Dryland Ecology Lawn Mix

Ecology Lawn Mix, Dryland

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  • We confess to a lasting desire for soft green patches for children and adults to sit and play upon, but a reluctance to get involved with intensive mowing, spraying, fertilizing and irrigating schedules. 
  • We believe our Ecology Lawn Mixes are the answers to this continuing dilemma. These are carefully blended turf mixtures, combining grass, sweet clovers, wildflowers and herbs. This blend contains Perennial Rye Grass and Fine Fescue, Strawberry and Micro Clover, Wild English Daisy, White Yarrow, Roman Chamomile and Baby Blue Eyes.
  • You will find the Northern and Dryland Ecology Lawn Mixes to be reminiscent of the old English mixed herbal lawns for which many of our customers have inquired. 
  • The Southland Ecology Lawn Mix is designed to retain that quality with varieties suited for drier climates. 
  • The advantages of these lawns over a conventional grass lawn are many. They present an attractive appearance between mowings, the quality of the turf is such that it will not be subject to thatch buildup, and it is both drought and shade tolerant. Suitable for either spring or fall planting in most areas. The 2 lb size plants 1000  square feet.

Region map for Lawn Mix

DRYLAND ECOLOGY LAWN MIX: Suited for Regions 2 (Intermountain West through the Great Plains) and 3 (Great Lakes region to the Northeast); Perennial Rye Grass and Fine Fescue, Strawberry Clover, and Microclover "Pipolina", Wild English Daisies, Roman Chamomile, Yarrow and Baby Blue Eyes. Region 2 — Cool arid/semi arid - cold winters, hot dry summers: Region 3 — Cool humid - cold winter, hot summers with variable humidity: