Cumin Herb Seed

Cumin Seed

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Cuminum cyminum   A/6"

Attracts Pollinators

Thread like leaves and umbels of tiny white or rose flowers followed by flavorful seeds. The slender, branching stems all grow to the same height giving the plant a uniform appearance. Native to the Middle East and east India, used in curry. Crush dry seeds to add authentic flavor in Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern dishes. Young fern like foliage  is a good addition to salads.  


Planting Directions:  Plant seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost, or outdoors in Spring after all danger of frost has past.  Barely cover seeds and press down firmly.  Germination takes 10-14 days when the soil maintains temperatures of  70°.  Plant in full sun and average, well drained soil.  Seeds should be planted closely together so a thick growth will support the heavy flower heads and keep them off the ground.  Cumin takes at least 4 months to mature.  Seeds ripen in the late Fall.  When heads begin to turn brown they should be cut and dried indoors.  When dry, they may be rubbed and separated from the chaff and stems by straining through a sieve.