Chives blossoms


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Allium schoenoprasum. Perennial. 1'

Attracts Pollinators

Grow and sow indoors or outdoors. Slender leaves bring a delicate onion flavor to omelets, salad dressings, potatoes, fish, and much more. Edible flowers have a delightful appearance and flavor. Bright green leaves and a drizzle of flowers are both a classic garnish. 


Planting Directions:  Sow seeds indoors in sterile seed starting medium, maintaining a soil temperature 60°-80°. Sow seed ¼” deep. Germination takes 10-14 days. Transplant  4” to 6” apart when plants are 4-6” high. Move to garden when soil temperature is 55°-70°. Sow seed outdoors in spring or fall. Water moderately, too much water will affect the vigor of the plants. Plant in full sun or partial shade. May also be planted in containers for indoor use during the winter. When harvesting chives, it is best to cut back to the base of the plant giving you a meaningful harvest and encouraging the plant to sprout new leaves.