Caraway Herb Seed


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Carum carvi. Biennial. 24".

Pollinator Friend

Finely divided, feathery leaves, white umbel flowers.

Seeds are use in rye breads, borscht, cheese, German sauerkraut. Leaves in soups and salads have a delightful fresh flavor that a gardener is sure to enjoy once tried. Like all great spices, caraway is versatile, used not only in the ways already mentioned, but North Indian curries, Dundee seed cake, to liquers such as kummel and aquavit. This member of the parsley family seems underutilized in our cuisine.

Planting DirectionsSow seed outdoors 1/8” deep 2-3 in late spring or early fall.  Seeds will germinate in about 14 days at a temperature of 70 °.  Plant in full sun in light, fertile, well-drained soil.  Thin to 6-8” apart when seedlings are 2” high.  Do not transplant.  In the first year of growth the plants usually reach 20”. 

Remarks:  Produces seeds the second year of growth. Harvest seed when seed heads turn brown before they burst and continue drying indoors. Store dried seed in airtight containers away from direct light.