California BlueBells

California Bluebell

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Phacelia campanularia Annual. 9"

Pollinator Friend

California Bluebell forms a sea of gentian blue in late spring and early summer.Native to the desserts of the Southwest but can thrive in any area. Sow in fall or earliest spring where it is to grow, thrives in sunny well-drained soil. Plant toward the front of the border to take  full advantage of the striking blooms. Outstanding bee plant.

Planting DirectionsSow seed outdoors in well prepared soil that has been amended with rich compost or general garden fertilizer when compost is not available. Plant seed ¼” deep in moist soil in early spring when soil is cool and a light frost may be possible. Germination requires dark and 55° to 65°. In areas of mild winters seed may be sown in late summer or early fall.