Bushel Gourd

Bushel Gourd

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A rare Lagenaria siceraria.

Round kettle shaped fruits grow to 20" wide.  Makes  beautiful baskets or  storage containers. Matures in 110 days or more.   Gourds can grow to an incredible 3-5 ft. around and weigh 25-60  lbs. if provided optimal  growing conditions. 

Planting DirectionsPlant in spring when ground has warmed to at least 70˚, optimum 80°   In cooler climates start seeds in a greenhouse 6-8 weeks before transplanting.  Gourds require well fertilized, rich, warm soil. Space plants 8 feet between hills or rows and 4’ between plants.  Keep well watered.   May be trellised to keep gourds off the ground. Larger gourds will need support when on a trellis.

RemarksBecause of the thick hard seed coat, germination is slower than most other varieties.  Many growers clip the shoulders of the seed with fingernail clippers to hasten germination (see picture below).  Seed may also be soaked for 10-12 hours to speed germination, any longer may cause the seed to rot.  For extra large specimens do not allow more than 2 fruits to set on the vine.