Burgundy Bliss Marigold

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Tagetes patula. Annual. 36"

The 1 to 2 inch burgundy red blooms flourish atop the ferny typical marigold foliage. Tall sturdy plants remain upright all summer. Blooms prolifically all summer  long. Great in the ornamental b

Planting Directions:  Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost or outdoors start sowing 2 weeks before the last frost. Plant seed in sterile seed starting mix or vermiculite and  just barely cover the seed with fine starting medium. Maintain 70° to 80°  in the starting medium, germination takes 4 to 14 days at optimum temperatures. Marigolds are somewhat susceptible to damping-off: sow in vermiculite and water only from below as a precaution.  Transplant or thin to 15-18” apart in full sun. Soil should be of moderate fertility. Water regularly. Marigolds  bloom continuously all summer until arrival of frost if flowers are picked frequently.