Borage   Attracts bees to the garden


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Borago officinalis. Annual. 2'.

Attracts Pollinators.

Borage leaves are light green 2 inch long with a cucumber-flavor. Leaves and stems are hairy as are the white buds. Blue star like flowers hang in downward clusters on the Borage plant. Because the flowers are a tru blue they are used to garnish salads or desserts. In temperate climates Borage flower from June to September and in warmer climates Borage can flower almost all year. Readily self sows. Bee Friendly, attracts bees to your garden.

Planting Directions:  Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has past, in light, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Sow seed ½ to 1” deep ½” apart thinning 12-24” apart when plants are 3” tall. Young leaves in salads add a slight cucumber taste. Borage does not transplant well. Self sows to come up year after year. Flowers make excellent bee forage. Flowers dry well for use in making potpourri.