Globe shaped plant with small leaves of Aristotle Basil

Aristotle Basil

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Open Pollinated. 

  • 72 days   10”-12” plants.  
  • Vigorous, fragrant and savory fine leaved new Greek Basil. Aristotle Basil is an attractive round plant ideal for edging and containers.
  • Space 6” apart and never cut back to less than 6”. The more you cut and use the more it will grow and develop an elfin appearance.                                              
  • A good basil to grow on a bright windowsill.                                                                                              

Planting Directions: Plant seed indoors 4 to 6 weeks before last frost in sterile seed starting mix at 75-85°. Just barely cover the seed. Transplant to the garden when soil temperature is consistently 75°-85° in moderately fertile soil, spacing plants 6” apart. Basil needs warmth to grow, plant in full sun in a warm, sunny location. Water moderately and do not let the soil dry out as basil has shallow roots. In warm regions basil can be seeded directly in the garden when soil temperatures are adequate. When plants are 4-6” tall cut out the growing tips for a fuller, more productive plant. Begin harvesting when leaves are large enough to use and harvest all of the basil before cold weather begins.