Anise Seed


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Pimpinilla anisum. Biennial. 2'.

Dainty white rounded flower clusters or umbels atop feather like green leaves. Chopped Anise leaves are used in salads; seeds are used in baking and confectionery. In Holland a mild soporific drink is made by steeping seeds in hot milk. Anise, a native of Egypt, Greece, Crete and Asia Minor, was cultivated by the Egyptians long ago. In ancient times Anise was used with other spices in part payment of taxes. In Europe, especially Germany, many cakes and cookies have anise seed flavoring. Anise is also used as a flavoring for soups. 

Planting Directions:  Sow seed indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has past in a sunny location in well prepared soil. Sow  seed ¼ - ½ ” deep with an optimum soil temperature of 70°. Thin  to 4-8” apart when plants are 2” high. Plants grown close together will support each other. If transplanting do not disturb the roots.

Remarks:  Harvest when seeds start to turn grey and can be easily removed from seed heads. Clean and dry seeds thoroughly. Store in airtight container away from direct light.