American Legion Red Poppy

Poppy, American Legion Red

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Papaver rhoeas. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Grows up to 2'. During WW1 the battlefields of Flanders were covered with millions of these scarlet flowers. Branching stems. One of the most popular wildflowers, seeds can lay dormant in the soil for 80 years or more. Shelling during WWI disturbed the soil and dormant seeds burst into growth when exposed to light. Poppy of remembrance and the one used for Veterans Day. Blooms late spring into summer. Allow seed heads to ripen in August-September to establish a perennial patch of these magnificent poppies.

Planting DirectionsSow seed outdoors in well prepared soil that has been amended with compost or general garden fertilizer if compost is not available. In regions with cold winters sow seed in early spring when soil is still cool and there is possibility of a light frost. In warmer areas sow in fall. Broadcast seed and barely cover with fine soil. Keep evenly moist until germination occurs. Thin plants to stand 6-10” apart in full sun, well drained soil.  If started indoors sow seed 6 to 8 weeks before your last frost. Maintain temperature of 70° to 75° in the seed starting medium. Poppies do best if sown where they are to grow. To prolong blooming period do not allow seed pods to develop.  Pick in bud stage for cut flowers. Blooms are fragrant.