Korean Alpine Gold Radish

Alpine F-1 Korean Daikon Radish

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  • Raphanus raphanistrum var. longipinnatus Hybrid 60 days
  • This green shouldered, 5"-8" radish has firm white mild flesh. Slow bolt and non pithy.
  • Developed for spring planting, it thrives in spring days that get into the 70’s. Can also be planted in late summer for fall harvest.
  • Alpine F-1 Korean Daikon Radish is quick growing, start thinning and harvesting while some of your roots are small unless you are a commercial grower.
  • Use in pickles, salads, for snacks and stir fries. Excellent in kimchi.
  • Because radishes are susceptible to root maggots, when we garden our radishes organically we exclude the egg laying cabbage fly from our planting with light weight Garden Row Cover.
  • The robust greens are edible and can be cooked by sautéing with a little oil, and flavored with soy sauce and garlic. 
Planting Directions:  Plant in spring as early as ground can be worked and soil temperature is 45° to 90°. Sow seed ½” deep thinning plants to 1-2” apart. Plant in soil that has been enriched with organic matter or general garden fertilizer and keep soil evenly moist during entire growing season. In cool regions plant in late summer for fall and winter crops. In hot climates plant only in winter. For best quality radishes need to grow fast and need to be harvested fast.