Agretti  Land Seaweed

Agretti - Land Seaweed

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  • Salsola komarovi  Open pollinated. 45+ days. Heirloom.
  • A interesting shoreline plant much valued in Japan and Italy. We suspected that these plants were identical and we now know they are.
  • Crunchy, juicy, leaves and stems of Agretti Land Seaweed are used for salads and sushi. 
  • Needs moisture, sun and moderate temperatures. 
  • Harvest 6 weeks after sprouting. 
  • Drop well washed greens into boiling water for 2 minutes, rinse in cold water and drain. Chop into small pieces and dress with oil, vinegar and salt. Or dress greens with a mixture of 1-2 teaspoons, prepared mustard, 3 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 teaspoon mirin. Very unusual, germination runs about 30%.

Planting DirectionsSow seed directly outdoors after all danger of frost has pastPlace seed on soil surface and lightly press in or just barely cover with soil.  Germination and harvesting temperatures should range from 45-55 °.  Needs moisture, sun and moderate temperatures to grow and produce.