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Hannah Garbanzo Bean Organic

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Organic 100 days Cicer arietinum. Open pollinated. 100 days. OG 80-9- days green shell stage & 120-140 days dry shell. This “desi" type is a flavorful, productive, small dark skinned garbanzo greatly preferred in India and North Africa. More easily grown than other varieties. 

We recommend planting in cool weather and once established these will thrive in high dry heat or moderate temperatures. Most pods contain 1-2 beans and overall have a high yield. Excellent for nitrogen fixation.

This curious chickpea is a deeply colored skin bordering on black when dry. The flavor is so much more interesting than what comes out of a can. Add   chickpeas to a salad for a flavor boost.What really caught our attention besides the fne flavor is how quickly they cooked. Put them in a pot of water and let gently boil for three minutes, let sit for ten minutes and cook for another three minutes check and they may be sufficiently cooked. If not give them another round of simmering. Grind the cooked beans to a paste that makes a fine hummus dip with tahini and seasonings. Also immature pods are excellent cooked for a few minutes then shelled and eaten.