Crambe Maritima   Sea Kale

Crambe maritima - Sea Kale

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  • Perennial. 100 days.
  • Also known as Sea Kale. 
  • Handsome 24 x 24 inch plants develop large ruffled,  succulent  powdery blue leaves.  
  • Use young growth of Crambe maritima for salads. Larger leaves are sauteed, steamed or boiled until tender. Delicious nutty mild cabbage flavors. 
  • Attractive garden plants covered with masses of white flowers set against softly tinted blue green leaves.
Planting Directions:  Sow at  59°F in spring or autumn. Seed has a corky outer coat which allows seed to float at sea. Soak seeds 8 to 24 hours and then remove outer seed casing to speed up germination. Sow seed ½” deep in well drained seed starting medium. Keep well watered. Use Germination usually takes place in 3 to 5 weeks at 59°F but can be slow and irregular and can take several months. Transplant into containers as soon as plants can be handled. Plant into garden  when plants are at least 2”to 3” tall, space 2 to 2½ feet apart. Drought tolerant.