Castelfranco Variegated Chicory

Castelfranco Variegated Radicchio

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    Open pollinated.
    • 80 days.
    • Italians call it “A flower for eating.” 
    • Round slightly open heads have creamy white leaves generously splashed with violet and burgundy. 
    • Under cold conditions formerly dull green heads whiten and become a winter rose with tender, delicate leaves, crisp and slightly fragrant. 
    • Best planted in late July or August for winter harvest.

    Planting Directions:  Plant in early spring and again in early July for a fall harvest.  Soil temperature should be 55°-75° for best germination with seed planted 1/4” deep. Thin plants when they are 1” high to 8” apart.  Protect from hot weather by using shade cloth. Greens harvested in colder weather tend to be sweeter.