Anuenue Lettuce

Anuenue Lettuce Organic

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    Open pollinated

    •  45-60 days.
    • Batavian or Summer Crisphead. Anuenue Lettuce , a release from the University of Hawaii,  is selected for warm growing conditions. 
    • Beautiful, chartreuse heads are exceptionally tender.
    •  Holds up to heat and stays sweet under stress.

     Cut and Cut Again Harvest Our most successful growing  method is to plant short rows, thin as they mature and then harvest tender young leaves from the crown of each plant. The large outer leaves are left intact and act as feeder leaves for the plant.  New growth will appear from the center of the plant. For new crown growth, never pick the most central growing tip. Feed and compost regularly. Replant as the patch ages, every 30 to 60 days. 

    Planting Directions: Sow seed ¼” deep in well prepared soil that has been amended with a general garden fertilizer or rich compost when soil temperatures are between 40°-80°.  Sow indoors 4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Plant in early spring and again in fall. When young plants are well established begin thinning. The plants should stand 10-12 in apart. Plant every few  weeks as long as weather is cool for a continuous supply. Grow  lettuce  quickly  for a crisp leaf. Keep the soil moderately moist during the entire growing season.